From snorkelling to boat rides to cycling around the village in your own merry way, The Calm Resort & Spa presents an array of enticing things to do in Pasikuda!

45MINS from hotel
boat riding
Sign up for a boat ride and enjoy a few hours filled with awe-laden fun!
180MINS from hotel
cycling around the village
Explore the area in the most local fashion.
150MINS from hotel
bottom line fishing
Enjoy some ethical bottom line fishing.
60MINS from hotel
snorkelling around passi reef
Witness the mesmerising marine beauty of Sri Lanka.
180MINS from hotel
elephant rock snorkelling
A popular snorkelling spot south of Arugam Bay.
5MINS from hotel
Experience the best saltwater fishing on the island.
40MINS from hotel
kokkadicholai temple
A religious site that holds great significance for Sri Lankan Tamil people.
40MINS from hotel
kallady bridge
The Lady Manning Bridge, known for the singing fish.
40MINS from hotel
batticaloa lighthouse
A token of the past hinting at colonial times.
40MINS from hotel
batticaloa fort
A Portuguese construction with the promise of beautiful views.