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Travel into the grips of Sri Lanka’s diverse natural beauty and fine hospitality

Steps taken for a worry-free holiday
With numerous safety measurements in place, ensuring your uncompromised well-being, we would like to once again welcome you back into the embrace of our beautiful island.
Let us be your guide to Sri Lanka
  • Contemporarily designed resorts with idyllic spaces
  • Taste exquisite island flavours in unique dining venues
  • They offer a variety of games, including the popular pokies. Besides being fast, these casinos have a low minimum deposit threshold that allows Australians to play at them. Withdrawals are generally processed within an hour.

  • Partake in rejuvenating recreational activities and embrace island living
  • Awe-inspiring adventures waiting to be explored
Brown Hotels & Resorts
As a purveyor of some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka, our resort establishments are finely attuned to your comfort and convenience. Located on the ledge of Sri Lanka's natural beauty, Browns Hotels & Resorts are designed to offer you the quintessential experience of being on a paradise island. The beaches with golden sands, the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, vibrant cultural diversity portrayed through the many cultural and historic sites and the call of nature reserves are all improved and elevated by the virtue of Sri Lankan hospitality. So spend your tropical vacation with us and claim a transcendental experience clasped by Sri Lanka's tropical elegance.
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Browns Hotels & Resorts

let the divine beauty of nature surround you and open new pathways to fun!

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Yes. We arrange transport for our guests upon request. If this is your first time in Sri Lanka, we suggest that you utilise hotel transport. However, you can also get to any one of our hotels by taxi, train or bus. A train ride would undoubtedly be enjoyable, and taking the bus will offer you a glimpse at Sri Lanka’s daily life; you can also take a taxi – just come out of the airport, and you’ll find a procession of taxis waiting to be of service.

No. Our hotels aren’t designed to accommodate pets

We want our guests to be able to change their minds whenever they want, so we offer a flexible refund policy. For more details, give us a ring.

Don’t waste your precious time worrying about choosing the right hotel; let us sort it out for you. Give us a quick call and tell your requirements and we will tell you exactly what each of our hotels entails and then you can make the decision

Yes. We are happy to present you with a list of special offers for the maximum enjoyment of your holiday and to make the most of your hard-earned money.