Quality reassurance from Eden Resort & Spa, Beruwela

Eden Resort & Spa, the luxury beach resort situated on the Golden Mile of Beruwela, reassures its quality standards to all visitors and guests who patronize their 5-star property. In this regard, the Hotel succeeded in gaining the ISO 9001:2008 + HACCP certificate for another period of 3 years, effective from January 2012.

ISO 9001:2008 + HACCP is a globally accepted quality management standard which helps both product and service organizations to achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected through-out the world. Whilst ensuring food safety in compliance with internationally accepted food laws, this recertification also guarantees that meeting customer satisfaction at all aspects of its services is a top priority for the Hotel.

Eden Resort & Spa, an LOLC Leisure Hotel, is currently associated with many prestigious tour operators both local and world-wide. In order to run its extensive business to meet the stringent quality expectations of its patrons, the hotel sought to renew its compliancy with applicable statutory and regulatory laws in standardization. Thus, the recently acclaimed ISO status garnered by the Hotel speaks of Eden’s commitment to quality management.

Commenting on receiving the quality certificate, the Group Managing Director and Chairman of Eden Hotel, Mr. Kapila Jayawardena of LOLC said; “We at LOLC firmly believe in our vision to enhance commitment and achieve a positive growth for the future, and in this endeavor, compliance with all forms of regulatory requirements is strictly adhered to at all Group Company level. In this backdrop, the accreditation achieved by Eden Resort & Spa guarantees the reassurance of its quality deliverance to its patrons.”