Birding Trails

Lying at the foothills of a looming mountain range in Dambulla, The Paradise Resort & Spa is an ideal destination for the bird enthusiast. The lush tropical vegetation as well as the surrounding water bodies including the Kandalama Lake, create a thriving environment for many bird species. Therefore, the visitors can observe a diverse range of birds during their birding tours, which makes the experience all the more interesting. The rich environs around The Paradise Resorts & Spa is a stamping and roosting ground for a host of birds, especially migratory birds.

We offer three exclusive birding tours designed by Sri Lanka’s renowned Ornithological Tour Guide, Upali Ekanayake, who has conducted extensive research on birdlife and authored many scientific publications. He has developed these unique birding trails for the guests staying at The Paradise Resort & Spa, after conducting extensive observation sessions. Accordingly, the adjoining “Kaludiyapokuna Forest Reserve” plays a nurturing host to over 90 species of birds—endemic, residential and migratory.