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Your Holiday Hotspots in Paradise

Offering visitors some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka, our ideally situated bases provide unforgettable holiday experiences for all. With two stunning beach resorts located on the southern coast and another round- trip hotel on the east coast, Browns Hotels & Resorts offers you quintessential Sri Lankan getaways in the tropics.

Dickwella Resort & Spa
Tucked away on the southern shores of the island lies the luxurious Dickwella Resort & Spa
The Calm Resort & Spa
The east coast's finest seaside holiday rest, The Calm Resort & Spa in picturesque Pasikuda
Occidental Eden Beruwala
A tranquil beach hideaway down south, The Eden Resort &Spa is a one-stop holiday hub.
Occidental Paradise Dambulla
Deep within the Dambulla wilderness lies your favourite nature retreat, The Paradise Resort & Spa