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Things to do

Our guests can rest assured knowing that things to do in Pasikuda are aplenty. Located on the untouched shores of the pristine east coast, The Calm Resort & Spa is the ideal accommodation to base yourself while exploring and experiencing everything the region has to offer. Embark on a cycling tour, enjoy a snorkelling session or discover the diverse marine life which thrives under the aquamarine waters while diving.

Snorkelling is a popular water sport in Pasikuda. Reef sharks, manta rays and many species of exotic marine creatures can be seen in the waters here.
Cycling tours in Pasikuda can be arranged for those who are interested in exploring the region’s beautiful coastal appeal in a leisurely manner.
Diving is a popular water sport in Pasikuda as the area has many interesting sites to explore. The conditions here are perfect for both beginners and professionals.
Deep sea fishing is a favourite pastime among the seasoned and novice anglers who visit Pasikuda between the months of May and September.
The 1942 Shipwreck is a popular dive site in Pasikuda. The British carrier HMS Hermes lies here, covered in corals and attracting large schools of fish.
Pigeon Island Visit
Pigeon Island National Park is a popular marine national park in Sri Lanka which possesses a remarkable coral reef. Scuba diving is a popular water sport here.
Water Sports
The ocean strip which borders Pasikuda offers great opportunities to enjoy a wide array of water sports such as jet skiing, sailing, diving, and snorkelling.